Jeff Bordwell
The main man. Jeff actively participates in all aspects of the business from bow repair & set up to sales to product testing to running the archery school.

Jeff has 22 years in the business and you can count on him for an honest opinion. As owner/operator Jeff wants you to know he not only runs an archery business, he also competes. In 2002 Jeff took 3rd in the New York State Archers and Bowhunters (NYFAB) state championships in the freestyle event. Also in 2002, Jeff took 8th overall in the MBO (male bowhunter) class and 1st place in the team shoot out at Southern Tier Nationals in Pensacola, FL (the third leg of the IBO triple crown) with Legends of Fall staff shooter Bill Spicer and Justin Martin . You may not agree with everything Jeff may say but he'll tell it like it is!

Melissa Bordwell
Business manager, sales, league organizer, custom arrow assembly, ordering product and just about everything else falls to Melissa. This is a family business and Melissa is not only the better half she is the reason things grow and stay running! Besides being the proud mother of three kids also shoots and hunts with her Hoyt Vtec.

Dillon at 13 years old has accomplished a lot! He's placed in several different local, state and national tournaments. Dillon is on the way to becoming an experienced hunter and recently took his first turkey.

Glen & Katie
Glen, age 10 and Katie age 7 . Glen is competing in our youth league and has placed well in local and state tournaments. All three kids are beginning to participate in our hunting heritage. Katie shoots a Bowtech Rascal and fun to her is popping balloons and showing up her brothers. Carp tournaments are fun for all our kids.